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New Websites

I have been working really hard these past few weeks to develop some websites for We will use these sites to resource¬† and educate our people as well as providing me an outlet for casting our vision. I have used as the CMS for these sites and really like what we have ended…

Churches and the Web

     I spent the last 10 days digging into SBC churches and websites trying to discover how many SBC churches in several Oklahoma associations have web sites. My results from two of these associations show that less than 50% of the churches in these associations have a web site. WHAT! That totally blew me away….


I was doodling around the web today since I was off work and ran across a website called I have been looking for a service that will allow me to manage multiple Twitter accounts from one page and this was one of the suggestions. I manage twitter feeds for Not…

I just found a new favorite web site.  Check out  You’ll find quality versions of some of my favorite TV show and can even watch movies with limited commercial interruption.  Did I mention that you can watch The Office there?