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Coaching – Child Care Center Marketing

I am the Owner and Director of child care center with nearly 200 kids, 40 employees, and a waiting list reaching out nine months. I consult with child care centers across the state of Oklahoma. In our coaching work together, we focus on the areas where you’d like to grow, which may include:

  • Defining your center’s message
  • Increasing your ability to attract new families
  • Extending your waiting list out for months
  • Creating a buzz around your center
  • Dramatically enhancing your social media presence and impact
  • Taking your center to the next level
  • Connecting your center with your community

I typically work with clients doing either a half-day strategy session or a six-month coaching engagement. 

These are not right for everyone; they’re personalized offerings and are priced accordingly. Explore my site for other free or low-cost resources like articles, courses, and ebooks.

Strategy Session

The half-day strategy session is ideal for owners and directors who would like to work together to create a clear action plan.

We will start with a relaxed breakfast and coffee in Choctaw, Oklahoma discussing your goals and questions. Then, we’ll spend half a day working elbow-to-elbow, developing targeted strategies. After the session, I will write up my recommendations into a detailed action plan for you. This session brings our best thinking together and will provide clarity about what to do, when to do it, and how to maximize your efforts to get the best and fastest result.

The Strategy Session costs $1200. If you think you could benefit from an intensive session where we focus 1-1 on sharpening your brand, enhancing your center’s status, and taking you to the next level, contact me with questions or to sign up. I look forward to collaborating.

6 Month Coaching Platform

The Coaching Program is for centers who seek to develop a reputation as leaders in their market. It provides hands-on guidance to dramatically accelerate your progress. The program includes:

  • An Initial half-day strategy session in Choctaw, Oklahoma or a mutually agreed upon location, in which we develop a targeted action plan for you based on your goals.
  • Plus: Every two weeks for six months, we’ll have a scheduled hour-long call. You’ll have homework assignments, and will be held accountable for your progress in achieving the milestones we lay out. On each call, we’ll debrief, discuss questions or issues that have arisen, and refine your action plan to guide you toward success. You’ll receive strategic guidance, encouragement, and accountability.

The six-month coaching engagement is a good option for centers who’d like an accelerated approach to becoming recognized within their market. The structured approach keeps you on track and helps you avoid costly mistakes that can waylay your progress. We work together closely to ensure you’re moving in the right direction. The Coaching Program costs $6,000. Contact me with questions or to sign up.

Social Marketing Services Through Mission in Motion Design

In additional to coaching your center in how to take the lead in your market my in-house web design and social marketing firm, Mission in Motion Design, can expedite your center’s strategic goals related to branding, content creation, creatives, website design/hosting, and social marketing. You set the strategic goals and we provide solutions that meet your needs.