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Favorite Parts of My Job: Part 2

Leading worship is what kept me in the church in my early years as a Christian. I first started attending church with my girlfriend while a Senior in High School at a Church of Christ near our houses. There were no instruments, but man could those folks carry a tune. After a year of attending there I started attending the First Baptist Church of McLoud, where I came to faith, started playing guitar in the worship band, and was baptized. Prior to joining the youth worship band there I had been playing guitar at my house, alone, for years. It felt great to finally get into a band…

Mike Campbell Duesenberg Starplayer TV

What an amazing guitar. Recently picked up this cool piece on Reverb and it is incredible. All the way around the attention to detail is top notch. The feel of this guitar leaves nothing to be desired. Ran it through my board this weekend and into a Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0. Signal chain was Keeley Compressor Pro > Emerson Custom Em-Drive > Keeley Tesla Coil Vintage Treble Boost > Greer Black Tiger Delay > H.O.F. Reverb. I would occasionally kick on my WET Reverb/Earth Quaker Dispatch Master combo sound, a sound I can get lost in if I am not careful.