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Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

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Teacup and Treasure

My two little girls are growing up so fast.  This picture is from a photo set that they did for their Nana’s birthday.  I am so happy that they are mine and look forward to watching them grow up.  We spend every morning getting ready for school.  Sometimes we fight like cats and dogs all…

Thad Hubbard

      I want to welcome Thad Hubbard into the world. My brother and sister in law moved to Nashville a few weeks ago and welcomed a new baby at the same time. Talk about some stress. We are going to see them next weekend and I can not wait. I love the faux hawk that…

Churches and the Web

     I spent the last 10 days digging into SBC churches and websites trying to discover how many SBC churches in several Oklahoma associations have web sites. My results from two of these associations show that less than 50% of the churches in these associations have a web site. WHAT! That totally blew me away….